ED? We are not alone…

ED? We are not alone…

“One in five men suffer from erectile dysfunction

not againA real man can always…‘, or so the cliché tells us. The reality is different however. No man is willing to discuss it; nevertheless a lot of men suffer from impotence – though at least we call it ‘erectile dysfunction’ nowadays. This more recent usage in the scientific literature should eliminate any negative connotation attached to the ordinary term ‘impotent’.

Recent surveys have shown that one adult male in five suffers from erectile dysfunction, and problems with potency following increasing age are actually very widespread.

But sexual problems are not only endured by the older man. Lots of young men suffer from impotence too, resulting from such everyday causes as poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking and alcohol consumption.

Insufficient intake of necessary nutrients (basically by failing to eat a balanced diet) and psychological problems are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction in both young and old men. What is not commonly understood is that ED caused by bad nutrition is simple to treat these days. In particular the amino acid L-arginine has proved effective in this regard. In severe cases treatment with harder drugs, having serious side-effects, or a penile-implant operation may be necessary. But such drastic measures should always be a last resort.

Sexual dysfunction can often be traced back to a recurring illness or medication taken regularly; diabetes sufferers in particular are prone to this. But even in the case of ED caused by disease the taking of a natural potency-enhancer such as L-arginine can help or even remedy the problem.

Sexual dysfunction as killer of relationships

sex happy marriageImpotence is the number-one destroyer of relationships. Most people agree that a relationship that does not include a healthy sex-life is doomed to failure. Because sexual dysfunction soon affects other aspects of a relationship (confidence, respect etc) it can pose a threat to it; so in all probability the relationship will collapse even if things outside the bedroom are fine.

As I know from personal experience it is very difficult to talk about one’s reduced ‘manliness’. I believe it is exceedingly important to open up these difficulties and honestly address ways and means of talking about them in order to find a way out of this vicious circle. Talking to your partner or simply going to the doctor can present an insurmountable hurdle.

But, depending on the severity of the erectile dysfunction, a visit to one’s doctor may not be needed because non-prescription natural potency-enhancers can be used even for severe sexual difficulties.

Do you own research like I did and you might get positive results before you seriously need to consider the need for a medical consultation.