It was the year 2017 and legend has it that a few good friends got together on a fishing trip. As in common with most Southeast Asians, they started ranting about how hard it was for large families and groups to get a big taxi.

But afterwards, they did something extraordinary. They decided to solve the issue. They started us, Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd. Pretty much, our humble goal had transformed into something bigger – to make commuting more enjoyable & affordable.

Today, Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd is present in 3 countries across the region. We have grown to become one of the most significant & trusted Maxicab & Limousine Service Providers. We achieved this by ensuring that all our professional chauffeurs are constantly equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills so that you always have a meaningful and enjoyable journey with us. And countless people like you, use our services every day.

Safety is our number 1 priority !!

Safe enough for us to trust our own family to use. So we implemented these measures:

Every driver and vehicle are rigorously screened upon registration and must maintain a star rating above our minimum requirement. All our drivers are local-bred professionals with more than 10 years of driving experience and extensive road / traffic knowledge to ensure that you get the best service, always.
Training & Code of Conduct
We continually improve our training system and Code of Conduct to ensure a high level of service.
Safety Features
Our vehicles will have to undergo a strict servicing regime to ensure that it is always in tip top condition, so that you arrive at your destination safely & on time – every time.
Insurance & 24/7 Support
We’ve got you covered with Personal Accident coverage, 24/7 call center, and emergency response teams. All our rides are Licensed by LTA – they are Legal & Insured.

Everybody should have access to transportation.

Because to us, transportation is a right, not a privilege!! That’s why we’ve worked hard to create a platform that caters to your every need, regardless of income, age, or special needs:

Whether it’s 4 seater limousine, 6 – 13 seater maxicabs, PartyBus or Executive Maxicabs, all our rides are fairly priced. We have the largest fleet of vehicles in the region so there’s one for your every need.
Varied Services
From the basic point to point short transfer to the special wheelchair ramp / hydraulic service, even your very own wedding car, we have all the Maxicabs / Coach / Limousine to cater to your every special occasion.
Door to Door
Door-to-door transportation should be affordable to all. Not just because it’s nice to have. But because for someone with special needs, it’s a must have.
Everyone should deserve the best transportation, young or old – even your loved pets
We ensure our vehicles are equipped with the latest safety equipment & features to serve everyone, from the newborn to the great grandparents. And yes, we even transport your beloved cats & dogs !!

Your One-Stop Travel Partner

We are committed to offering transport services of the highest quality. We treat everyone as a “VIP” because our clients are “Very Important Passengers”. Our experience & commitment to customer satisfaction have earned us a solid reputation in the transport industry. We offer a variety of travel planning services to Corporates, Groups, & Individuals. Our mission is to provide our customers with value-added service, quality, & personalized treatment to ensure a memorable trip. We have the experience and expertise to make your trip memorable.
Flexible Booking Arrangements
We can be contacted via emails, WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS, Viber, Skype, LINE, Telegram, etc. Or simply pickup your phone and call our call center or 24/7 Hotline. No Booking Fee is required and the best of all, there is no Cancellation Charge !!
Multiple Payment Options
Choose between cash or cashless for a convenient and seamless ride experience. We accept all major Credit Cards & Payment via Paypal (via our website). On some of our taxis, we even accept AliPay, Wechatpay, UnionPay, Dash & PayNow.
Transparent, Fixed Fares
Know your exact fare even before you book – No Hidden Costs !! Our rides are non-metered so you don’t have to worry about unexpected traffic jams or road diversions.
Anywhere Anytime
From going to work in the morning, to heading home after a night of partying, rain or shine, we plan to be there for all of you.


X No Port & Road Toll Charges X


X No Fuel Surcharges X


X No Carpark Charges X


X No *Hourly/Daily Price Surge* X


X No EPS (Extra Passenger Surcharge) X


X No Overcharging / Mischarging X


Here at Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd, we are passionate in doing our business. We are constantly challenging ourselves, relooking into our processes and enhancing our systems so that you are able to travel safely, comfortably and easily to work, to school and to the movies with your friends and families.

Do contact us for any feedbacks and how we can improve our services further to serve you. And if you enjoyed our services, do tell your friends about us so that they too can enjoy the same benefit.

We are more than just a RIDE !!!

Don’t take our words for it. Call us now and experience it for yourself.