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Batam is an affordable, visitor friendly , and all-round destination that has something for everyone young & old. Regardless of your budget, age, preferences or background, there are enough activities and attractions in Batam to keep you occupied. Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd recommends 15 top things to do in Batam which is based on the feedback and recommendation from customers, friends as well as our own team.

1. Shopping

Shopping is arguably one the favorite things to do in Batam. One of the reasons is due to the unbelievably low prices of the things sold there.

These are some of the more popular items that Singaporean would normally splurge on in Batam

Treats & Titbits

Buying your friends & loved ones local delicacies can never go wrong. Batam Layer Cake (Kue Lapis) is undisputedly the most bought item by Singapore visitors

Currently,you are able to feast on several local flavors such as the Original Mocha, Chocolate, Nutella & Prunes. The most famous labels include BLC (BatamLayed Cakes), Lamoist& Diana Homemade layered cakes


In addition to buying of local snacks &batam layered cakes, many visitors are also into fashion shopping in Batam. High-quality & affordable fashion items can be purchased from the various fashion boutiques or department stores

Groceries & Toiletries

Seasoned travelers would probably know that one the best bargains one can get from Batam is the Groceries & Toiletries.

2. Dining

Singaporean’s top 3 favorite pastimes are Eating, Ingesting & Digesting great food. Therefore, one of the top things to do in Batam has naturally got to be food hunting, restaurant tasting & café hopping. You can find extensive varieties of food in good ol’ Batam.