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Do you have Bicycles or E-scooters to transfer to any part of Singapore? Well, this can be something problematic on your part especially when you are not aware of an effective way by which you can make your transportation simpler & easier. It would not be a good idea to board a train or a bus with all these Bicycles or E-scooters along with you. The more it is not wise for you to travel when you ask for a taxi to carry all your things despite of the fact that you are offering more to the driver.

Now, you need not to worry much about the things that you wish to carry & bring along during your trip. In this day & age, ferrying a E-scooter or even full size Bicycle is no longer a problem with the aid of a suitable sized Maxicab. Such kind of transport service proves to be an effective way to haul them altogether in a single vehicle. This is true to the fact that many Maxicabs are flawlessly designed to accommodate a good number of E-scooters & a handful of bicycles. This should prove to be a great convenience on your part because you will no longer have to think about carrying all your things together.

Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd provides 24hrs unparalleled convenience in transporting you & your bicycles/e-scooters to any race in Singapore or abroad. Bicycle & E-scooter transport to any Triathlon, Ironman, Bike or Biking events in Singapore can be easily arranged via one of our 6-13-seater Maxicabs with minimal dismantling of your prized unit.

Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd confirms that the utmost care will be exercised during the transportation, loading & unloading of your bicycles & e-scooters to & from events. Since we at Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd are cyclists ourselves, we know how precious your bicycle is to you & it will be handled with the utmost care as if our own. Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd will not be liable for any action, damage, claim, cost or expense that may arise directly or indirectly due to any act &/or omission on the part of the Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd, its employees &/or agents (including negligence & gross negligence, except to the extent impermissible in terms of the Consumer Protection Act). Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd shall furthermore not be responsible for consequential losses or damage under any circumstances whatsoever. In addition to what is set out above Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd will not be liable for any claim &/or damages sustained as a consequence of any act or failure which is beyond the reasonable control of the Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd, which shall include but not be limited to, war, strike, riot, crime, or an event described as an act of God such as storms, flooding, earthquake, etc. It is your (“the client’s”) responsibility to obtain enough insurance cover for your Bicycle & E-scooters while left in the custody of Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd. Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd is in no way involved with insurance cover for clients bicycle & e-scooters.