Bulky Item Transfer

  • ► House removal
  • ► Office Relocation
  • ► Hotel / Apartment transfer


So you need to move a rather bulky article from one end of the island to another, but you just can’t handle another condemnatory stare from fellow MRT passengers. Since you already have your hands full with that new baby cot for your newborn or that new large lamp that you wish to show off in your living room, it’s logical that the inconvenience of public transport isn’t something you want to cope with.

The items you want to move is evidently too big so the idea of hailing a normal taxi is not possible. You might not also want to utilize the services of a professional moving company as the idea of renting a 14ft lorry just to transport just one prized item is probably an overstatement, not mentioning the hefty price tag. Thankfully, you don’t have to do that.

We understand that one of the most demanding & problematic tasks to accomplish is moving bulky & large items from one location (eg Ikea) to another part of this island. Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd is your solution as we offer chartered 24hr Bulky Item Transportation Services anywhere in Singapore. Just provide us with the complete details about the items that you want to move, so that our experts can guide you on the best possible vehicle for that purpose. We have got a wide range of vehicles, which includes our 6-13-seater Maxicabs & will surely deploy a vehicle that is large enough to transport, transfer or move items that are too big to fit a conventional car or too small to fit even in a mini-van.