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Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it likely means you’re getting married soon. Happy & Congratulations upon your forthcoming wedding! We thank you for taking an interest in Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd. You’ve probably decided on other aspects of your wedding, such as your venue, wedding dress, bridal theme etc. and the wedding car is one of the last few things on your mind.

Everyone wants their wedding special & they usually hire wedding cars from the company they trust to make it more memorable. Wedding cars tradition is from past years. However, this tradition is still famous among many people. Any country you visit you’ll see wedding cars around you most of the time. Locally, there are many companies who provide the wedding cars to fulfill the specialty of your wedding. There are different companies who manage weddings for people. They provide catering services, seating arrangement & even handle the decoration of that place. Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd is the best option when it comes to hiring a vehicle for your once in a life time fairy tale wedding.

Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd provides a Professional & Flexible Luxury Wedding Car Service throughout Singapore, ensuring that all arrangements are tailored to accommodate your exact requirements. Whether it be a Church Wedding, Registry Office, Civil ceremony, Single or Multiple trips, then be rest assured that Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd will provide the highest standard of service to ensure that your day is as memorable as possible.