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When it comes to looking for wheelchair transport services in Singapore, there are evidently quite a few companies that provide such facilities for your loved ones. Be sure to keep some factors in mind when choosing an ideal transport service – your budget, desired comfort level & the company’s years of experience with handling elderly & individuals with disabilities. With so many organizations to choose from ranging from affordable to luxurious options, you can put your trust on Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd to suit your needs!

Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd is a trusted & reliable provider of wheelchair-friendly transport service for the elderly & people with mobile disabilities in Singapore. We are a leading wheelchair transport service in Singapore providing Professional, Non-Emergency wheelchair transport for elderly, injured, disabled individuals or anyone in a wheelchair who requires transportation. Our drivers are trained & highly experienced, so you you’ll never have to worry & always have a peace of mind.
With our core values being Compassion, Passion & Professionalism, Maxicabs Singapore Pte Ltd has one of the widest & extensive networks of partners working together towards achieving a common aim – To provide a specialized & dedicated accessible transportation for wheelchair-users & people who have limited mobility. We strive to provide a safe, dependable & dignified wheelchair transport for our wheelchair-bound & mobility-impaired customers in Singapore. With the needs of the elderly and physically less mobile always in mind, we can offer comfortable and safe wheelchair services. Hassle Free!!